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To Wage-err is Human

One of the most common responses when I tell people that I’m a bookie is “You won’t get rich off me, I never gamble.“ (The truth is it’s not my sole aim to get rich off the people who do, but I am trying to increase my wealth and in the meantime build a sustainable business.)

The response raises an inner smile. Firstly, because I’ve heard it a million times and secondly because it just isn’t true. We all gamble, every day, in all walks of life and I believe it’s part of what makes us human.

It’s an innate behaviour that’s been central to the evolution of man. It’s the willingness to risk in search of reward that has given birth to new civilisations, discoveries beyond comprehension and a drive to better ourselves.

From the first humans to take a chance on hunting to the voyagers that crossed the Seven Seas. There’s something in us that makes gambling natural and necessary and it’s my hope that the government recognise this in the overdue gambling review.

To be clear I’m not saying betting over 2.5 goals in the Scottish 3rd division ladies match is a necessity for human survival. However, it needs to be recognised that people do gamble and that over the top restrictions in the form of affordability checks at extremely low levels won’t stop the very people they’re aimed at.

There are people who need protection from themselves and there are examples of betting companies acting horrendously in the past. My concern is that the wrong measures set at the wrong levels won’t solve the issue (I’m not wholly against affordability checks for what it’s worth). The urge problem gamblers have won’t go away and like all addicts they’ll do what they have to in order to scratch the itch. Addicts will always find a way. Drug consumption doesn’t stop when the local dealer get knicked – either a new one steps in or the addict has to go further afield to find a new supply. There aren’t (and you could argue there should be) wealth and health checks for buying cigarettes and alcohol addiction is at an all time high.

Britain has always stood proud behind its entrepreneurs, we’re a nation of small businesses. It’s people have always sought more, by risking some.

Gambling responsibly can be life enhancing. For me it’s forged friendships, developed relationships and taken me to places and events that are out of the ordinary. In an age made increasingly sterile by technology, the centuries old act of having a wager, backing your opinion and attempting to better your lot in however a big or small way (and I’d always advise small) can be the perfect disinfectant.

As the Saying goes ‘All of life is 6/5 against’ and I’m happy to be playing (responsibly).

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